The Top Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Men – Easily Create the Coolest and Sexiest Sleeve Designs

There are several reasons why men want to tattoo their bodies. A tattoo is a form of self-expression; People usually express themselves through tattoos for many reasons. In the past, just men who were rock stars, rebels, prisoners or sailors tattooed themselves, as an act of running away from society itself. But currently, tattoos are a self-expression and a fashion statement. Tattoo ideas everyday carries men’s lifestyle especially for many reasons, such as religion, affiliations and even memories.

There are several tattoos just designed for men. The previous specific tattoos just applied to specific types of people, such as the sailors had certain tattoos, and any member of a gang had to have a certain type of tattoo to swear their allegiance. There are specific tattoos, which are considered evergreen if you are thinking about getting a tattoo for fashion purposes, there are a few male tattoo ideas listed below that are never considered obsolete. If you are new to the purpose of considering your body as a canvas for art, the ideas of the male tattoo idea below can almost never go wrong.

Nautical Star Tattoo

This star is typically found on compass maps in the north. It is a five-pointed star and is generally drawn in pairs: on both sides of the chest, inside the forearms or even on the elbows. It may be 1 or 2 colors, depending on your preference. In the past, this nautical star used to represent the North Star that was very vital for navigation. Currently, it represents the return home or the roots and the luck you need to get there.


This tattoo was normally used on sailors. When a sailor finished five thousand miles in the sea, he naturally got a bluebird on his chest, when he completed ten thousand miles; he usually got the other on another side of his chest. The birds are made in blue, generally one in front of the other, but the difference include one blue and another red. People who practice marine culture or who return to the roots of tattoos generally enjoy this tattoo. More details here:

Latin/Sanskrit Scripts

Men who like to indulge in legendary sayings or deep-meaning phrases, normally make these types of tattoos on their shoulder blades.


The original bad guys like to put this part of the thin structure with ink on their forearms particularly. It may be taken as a reminder that everybody must, die people who practice cults or macabre usually do so.


Eastern dragons represent strength, great will, power, and wisdom. It is completed on a larger scale and men who like things on the broader side of life generally do the same on the chest, shoulder, and forearms.

Tattoos ideas for men are usually most of the time, really meaningful. Therefore, before you go for a skin art, be sure that the design you select is what you actually want to have in your skin your lifestyle.…