Women's Tattoo Ideas – Important Questions to Ask Yourself

Women’s Tattoo Ideas – Important Questions to Ask Yourself

There are women’s tattoo ideas aplenty on the Internet these days, so there’s no excuse to rush into getting the first design you see. Make sure you do plenty of research on websites that offer design galleries, get a second opinion, and think of the long-term when choosing which one to go for.

Many ladies start searching online for women’s tattoo ideas and don’t really have any idea about what kind of tattoo they’re looking for. Whilst it’s absolutely fine to start your search with “I’ll just start looking for things that I think look cool”, it might be more helpful to ask yourself some specific questions. I know that when I was looking through an online gallery of women’s tattoo ideas, it may helped me to cut using those irrelevant because I had already discussed it before hand with my partner—and he helped me to clarify what it was that I wanted.

Here are some of the important questions that you should be asking yourself before starting to browse through women’s tattoo ideas:

  1. Do I want an unusual or original tattoo—or something “off the shelf”?

There is a huge range of existing women’s tattoo ideas out there, easily available via online galleries these days. And four of my own tattoos are from a resource like that—totally out of a book and unmodified. It’s a really good solution if you’re a bit unsure about what you want, don’t have any creative tendencies, or just happen to come across a really neat design that fits your body!

But you might want to think about designing something (or getting your tattoo artist to design something) really personal. I find original tattoos for women the most attractive of all, but be prepared to put in a lot of work and need a lot of patience for the process to go well.

I wouldn’t recommend a truly original tattoo for your first time around, but if you don’t want something straight out of a book you might consider going half-way and adapting an existing design to suit your own style that you can everyday carry it. It’s the perfect compromise!

  1. Do I want the tattoo to mean something, and if the answer is yes – what should it mean?

tattoo ideasEach of the tattoos I have means something special to me. But I had every single one done after an event which I wanted to represent on my body. But people get tattoos for different reasons. Just make sure that if yours is going to mean something extra special to you, you take your time to consider the options.

Getting a tattoo just after your divorce has been finalized probably isn’t a good idea, if you get my meaning. While it might end up being one of the most original women’s tattoos anyone ever has, you have some regrets for any rush decision several for years later if these raw emotions you have will take over at you mind off just a little.visit us on http://metro.co.uk/2017/07/18/stop-taking-tattoo-ideas-from-pinterest-and-instagram-6787727/

  1. Where will my tattoo go on my body?

This is definitely a really important question to ask yourself early on in your research. Not only will it affect the size of the finished tattoo, you might also want to consider how easily you need to hide its display later on (for example, at work).…

Women’s Tattoo Ideas – How to Find the Perfect Location

Sometimes, it is quite difficult to decide which tattoo to go for because of the massive choice regarding tattoo ideas for women out there and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Even if you’ve decided where to get your tattoo (so have a great idea of how much room you have to work on), the possibilities are almost limitless.

When I got my first tattoo, I looked around a lot of websites for women’s tattoo ideas and I can’t stress how important that stage of your research is. Even if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want, often just reading and viewing what’s available can offer a spark of inspiration that leads to a fantastic tattoo!

When you are first thinking of getting your tattoo and then start looking around about women’s tattoo options and ideas, the hardest one to decide about is the location. Do you really want a secrete tattoo only for you and or only your loved one knows about it? Is it needed for you to hide your tattoo at work and/or are wishing that your tattoo will be known to the whole world? There’s no wrong answer, but there is definitely a right one for each person in my experience.

I thought long and hard on the decision regarding my first tattoo’s location. I discounted tattoos on women’s shoulders that I came across, as at that time I was working in a job which involved lots of outdoor work during the summer season and a strappy, feminine dress needed to be an option without me getting a warning for my body art. You should consider these things too! read more from http://Finetailored.com

Personally, I wanted something private that only I knew about. If you want something similar, some popular options for your tattoo are:

  • Shoulder
  • Thigh
  • Chest
  • Hip
  • Ankle
  • Lower back

In the height of excitement, with a head swimming with all the women’s tattoo ideas out there, it’s easy to forget why a tattoo’s location is so important. There are events, such as weddings, that you should consider if you truly want your tattoo to be discreet. Another popular area, the ankle, needs the same consideration if you ever need to wear a skirt or some shorts without revealing your ink.

tattooWhatever you choose, your decision should be a personal one and the only golden rule is that it should be something carefully considered. And after you’ve made your choice, one of the best bits can start: Choosing your tattoo design! It’s only once you’ve decided on a tattoo’s location that you’ll know how much room you have to work with so you can get on with finding a fabulous tattoo that you’ll love for years to come.

If, on the other hand, you’re more open to the world, it opens up loads more possibilities. Then, you can start looking at women’s tattoo ideas for your neck, upper arms and legs… there really isn’t much that’s off limits!

Another option is to go for angel wings. As a symbol of devotion, spirituality, and faith, angel wings can also serve as a memorial to a loved one. Along similar lines, the swallow bird represents hope, as well as the souls of the dead and offers a tasteful option if you want to remember someone special to you as part of the tattoo design.…

Finding the Right Bag for Everyday Use

Men and women need bags to hold and secure their belongings. These items from new tech products also effectively add appeal to their getup. In fact, there are so many types of bags to choose from. They range from the simplest plastic carriers to the most sophisticated laptop bags. The types of bags you own reflect your personality and lifestyle. They also depend on your needs. Nevertheless, it is important to take note that branding is not really necessary when it comes to these items. You can spend a lot of money on a designer handbag and still do not become satisfied. Conversely, you can shed out a few dollars for a simple tote that is as durable as an expensive one. read top article!

Choosing the right style of bag for everyday carry can involve a variety of factors. Beyond the ability to be both functional and stylish, other considerations include the material, color, structure, size and user’s lifestyle. Let’s look at a few of the issues related to choosing the bag for everyday use:


The preferred material for the everyday bag should be durable and able to stand up to constant use. Some of those choices you preferred include synthetic, plastic and leather. It is best to avoid bags in sequins or other embellishments because they will easily get damaged with day-to-day wear and tear.

The finest option is leather. Aside from the fact it is durable, it also looks trendy and are chic depending on what the design is. Nylon is a material that is quite durable; it has an added benefit as well of being really easy to clean. Also, those plastic bags do not need to be boring and plain with lots of stylish art and designs available. Cotton canvas is quite a good choice as well, but this type of material can easily pick up different stains so choosing a dark color will the best practical if your use it every day.


shopping bagsBeyond a stylish look, everyday bags should be durable and very comfortable. There should be a major requirement in using these bags—they should be extremely comfortable to hold and carry every day. The shoulder strap should be soft, comfortable, and will not easily slip down from your shoulder. If you are planning on carrying heavier items, then a bag with a stronger straps and solid stitching is an advantage. Other features may include like having a strong bottom or those bags with a metal studs found on the bag’s bottom surface preventing it from getting dirty scuffed up easily. read latest news from http://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/theagenda/the-best-carryon-bags-for-short-getaways-a3585996.html

Size of Bag

The size of the bag is a key issue and needs to be spacious enough to easily accept the must-have supplies that are carried around on a daily basis. For instance, certain clutch bags somehow may not considered as the most handy or convenient option because of the limited space.


A bag with proper structure is appreciated for its ability to provide both organization and style. An everyday bag needs to offer convenience and, therefore, should include at least one or two pockets to make it easy to organize things. While a large and spacious slouchy bag may be appealing, it doesn’t do much when it comes to keeping things organized.…

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